About us

Welcome to TCG Base, not just another card shop but your ultimate hub for everything trading card games (TCGs), toys, and beyond. We're all about bringing you top-notch products with a sprinkle of dependability, killer customer service, and that unique flair you won't find anywhere else.

Founded by Marko in 2020, TCG Base kicked off as a passion project focused on getting those rare Japanese Pokémon cards into your hands. Fast forward to today, and we've evolved into a booming online marketplace serving fans not just in the EU but globally. Plus, we're a proud player in the fair-trade TCG scene.

But hey, we're not just about cards anymore. Looking for awesome toys? We got 'em. Need your cards graded? We offer that too. And keep an eye out—our ever-expanding selection and constantly improving service mean you'll always find something fresh.

Got questions or thoughts? Hit us up anytime.

Catch ya later,
Marko, Founder

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